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steam carpet cleaningYou can hire a professional for steam carpet cleaning. The truck-mounted steam carpet cleaning is a piece of more powerful equipment than a DIY or one-mounted truck.

Not All Steam Cleaners Can Clean the Same. There are three basic types of steam extraction machines. Check below

Residential Rental Steam Cleaners

These machines are excellent for spills and carpeting maintenance of lightly soiled traffic areas in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland and Hibiscus Coast. However, they lack the PSI and vacuum power needed for deep steam cleaning. However, get the dirt grit deep in your rug pile and maintain carpet manufacturer warranties.

Professional Portable Steam Cleaners

These portable or apartment steam cleaners are more powerful than residential units. The number and size of vacuum motors, PSI steamers and pumps, plus heat exchangers differentiate one from another in terms of performance. The most powerful portable apartment steamer cleaner machines may have two power cords. Enable household circuits to cope if the operator has excellent training and time. Sometimes, portable steamer cleaners are the only way for the carpets to be cleaned in some locations.

 Truck-mounted Steam Cleaners

These machines have large independent engines, or they can run off the motor of the cleaning van. They can adjust to 1500 pounds of pressure (though usually, the carpet is cleaned at only 500 PSI. of force). They also heat the water to 80 degrees Celsius and have powerful vacuums. These truck-mounted steam cleaner machines are expensive, but they can leave the carpets drier in many cases when used correctly. Typically, this hot water extraction machine should improve results and decrease time on the job.

Our technicians at Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaners, superior truck-mounted equipment services, remove more soil dirt viruses, germs and allergens. Carpet Cleaning Technicians will start with pre-spraying your carpet with a premium eco-friendly solution to loosen up the tough soils and oils that stick to the mat. 

Family-owned Carpet Steam Cleaning Since 1987

The Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Premium Truck-mounted machines, use 80°C hot Steam to kill and remove 99% of Coronaviruses, Dirt, Allergens, Bacteria, Dust mites, and Germs and 97% of stains. From a health standpoint, the truck-mounted system is preferred because the dirty water, air, contamination, and humidity are exhausted outside of your home instead of leaving it inside as a portable machine. 

Auckland Steam n Dry has superior truck-mounted equipment services and removes more soil dirt viruses, germs and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland and Hibiscus Coast. Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaners service guarantees superior clean rug results with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee – the best in the business

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Best Auckland Carpet Cleaners Service. Mention this and get a free odour treatment for good indoor health based on the high government standards of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaners has invested tens of thousands of dollars into every van and truck mount steam cleaner we operate. Each of our vans can clean your rugs in the most efficient way possible.

The Steam N Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaners service will provide a deeper clean that will dry much faster and remove stains quicker than any of our competitors. The bottom line is that Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaners utilise the best carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaners method that money can buy!

Whether service truck mount or high-powered portable units, we will extract the dirt and all previous residue using hot water extraction with 80°c steam.

State of the Art Truck-Mout Carpet Steam Cleaners

What’s more difficult to see is the oily soil that builds up on your carpet fibres over time. This soil is deposited on the carpet by many things, such as outdoor footwear, air pollution, cooking, and other vapours.

Finally, the Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning service technician deodorises the carpet with 100% organic product and leaves the carpet fresh and fragrant. Have the carpets steam cleaned by professional steam carpet cleaning services every 12 to 18 months? Steam cleaning services are a reasonable, worthwhile investment.

Get the help of professionals who clean for a living and are experts on carpet shampoos, steam cleaning equipment, and oily soil deposits. Our professionals will steam clean your carpet so thoroughly that you won’t need to bother about it for at least a year. Steam Cleaning is a fantastic (and necessary!) treatment for your home.

Leave It To The Professionals

Steam carpet cleaning can be a complicated service. You have to know the amount of water and detergent, which equipment is best for your carpet, and how long it has to be damp. Overwetting and over-shampooing can result in significant damage. As well as stimulate the growth of intense mould and bacteria. 

What to Count on?

You can expect expertise in carpet cleaning and even other steam cleaning equipment (furniture or upholstery) whenever you call a steam carpet cleaning service. In the same way, we at Steam n Dry Auckland clean carpets and work to high carpet cleaning standards.

You can safely count on these people to know which steam cleaner machine, detergent, and haze cleaning method will be perfect for the item you’re having cleaned.

Why Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service?

Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning truly cares about customers, and we want them to be completely satisfied with their carpet cleaning service. Firstly Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning services use environmentally safe products to protect your home and family.  Most importantly, Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning is instrumental in our work. We can handle any carpet cleaning project, big or small.

Steam Cleaning Process

Indeed, the steam cleaning service that arrives at your home will use a Hot Water Extraction System. The service technician will spray your carpet with a water solution and detergent to clean the steam carpet. After that, he will run a powerful vacuum over the surface. This powerful vacuum will suck back the water and soil into a holding tank. Usually, this steam carpet cleaning process is performed with a steam cleaning service truck-mounted unit remaining outside the home. The steam carpet cleaning service professional will often bring only the hose and the wand into your home.

Carpet Cleaning Professionals, staff cleaning services. People who have made steam carpet cleaning their field of expertise. However, you can safely expect that their knowledge of your specific carpet and the cleaning needed; will lead to such thorough cleaning. You won’t need to clean it once more for quite a while.

Generally, busy households with many family members require a yearly steam cleaning of their carpets. Smaller households or households where wearing outdoor shoes inside is not allowed can probably go eighteen months without another cleaning.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning carpets’ ultimate purpose is to remove the oily film that piles up after months of exposure, it may include cooking vapours, air pollution, and debris dragged in by muddy shoes. The first thing on the list of “What to inquire with your Steam Carpet Cleaning Service professional” should be the question, “May you describe the steam cleaning procedure? These questions are a sneaky way to test your steam cleaning service providers’ steam carpet cleaning knowledge. The response should mention spray-on detergent, oily soil particles, and a vacuum.

After that, ask the service provider what cleaning method and products he will use for your specific carpet. Indeed, not all carpet is made similarly. Therefore, not all carpets undergo the same cleaning treatment. Your steam cleaning service providers should consider the particular make of your carpet, such as fibres and composition.

And lastly, ask how long the drying time is. The carpet should require 6-12 hours to dry following the steam cleaning treatment. Anything more significant suggests the rug has been over-wet -risk for mould and mildew, due to the prolonged dampness if your steam cleaning service provider estimates a number higher than 12 hours. 

Auckland Steam N Dry Owner GRAEME STEPHENS wrote this article, an IICRC Master Restoration technician in 2001 with over 35 years of guaranteed services in upholstery and carpet cleaning throughout Auckland.

Updated Last: October/10/2023