Steam Carpet Cleaning Basics

Steam Carpet Cleaning Hot Water Extraction

steam carpet

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning brings back matted Carpet Fibers.
  • Destroys Bacteria
  • Dries in 2-8 Hours
  • Eliminates allergens, pollen, dust mites, and mould spores
  • On-the-spot Magnificent Cleaning Results

Hot-water extraction steam carpet cleaning is best for light to medium soiling conditions. Everyone is surprised when they see the magnificent cleaning results. Additionally, it truly makes the Auckland Carpet Cleaning job enjoyable and pleasurable.

Hot water extraction cleaning works with four factors:

  • Hot Water
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Agitation
  • As well as a High-Pressure Vacuum

200-degree water makes the cleaners work very effectively. Thus, it is the answer to low or no residue carpet cleaning. The scrub wand agitates the carpet fibres, suspending the soil while the high-pressure vacuum eliminates the soil and water. Therefore, the carpet backing stays dry! Perhaps you need to use an area, we will clean that area first and install a turbofan to dry the room before leaving your home.

Hot Water Extraction with Pre Shampoo Steam Carpet Cleaning

  • It brings back heavily matted Carpet Fibers
  • Carefully removes heavily ground in soil stains
  • Destroys Bacteria
  • Dries in 2-6 hours
  • Eliminates allergens, pollen, dust mites, and mould spores
  • PH balancing rinse
  • On-the-spot Magnificent Cleaning Results

Once your carpets get in terrible shape, we recommend this option. Furthermore, the fact that the three brushes turn one way and the whole disc becomes the other way is significant. Therefore, it removes wear to your carpet throughout the process. Another bonus advantage with this package is that we can hot-water extract the dirt and soil with a PH pH-balancing rinse agent, which assists in drying. It balances your carpet pH, just the thing for proper adhesion of our fibre protector (Dupont Teflon Advanced). We follow Auckland and International Industry Standards for carpet cleaning and expert training to IICRC-certified standards and S340 for professional cleaning and maintenance of Leather Furnishing.


Updated Last: October/11/2023. BY GRAEME STEPHENS. (2001 IICRC Master Technician)