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Bed Mattress Cleaning Auckland 

mattress cleaning aucklandWe’d recommend this type of hot steam mattress cleaning Auckland for general hygiene in such instances where it’s never had an expert mattress cleaning service before. You want to safely sanitise the bed, remove all the dust and dust mites and allergens inside the mattress.

Family-owned since 1987. The Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services uses Premium Truck-Mounted Machines to generate 80 °C Hot Steam. Thus, it Kills and Removes 99% of Allergens Coronaviruses, Dirt, Allergens, Bacteria, Dust mites, Germs, and 97% of stains, Mattress cleaning Auckland service.

The care given to the mattress is sufficient to maintain good health if the bed receives proper care.

Mattress Cleaning Process

Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Service use Citrus-based products. Steps by step cleaning procedure:

  • Inspection
  • Fabric Testing
  • Deep Vacuum
  • Spray Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Deep Extraction
  • Drying

That is why Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland clean deep into the cracks of the mattress. Everyone is at risk of having bed bugs when visiting an infected area or overseas.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning, superior truck-mounted equipment services, removes more soil dirt viruses, germs and allergens, from the couch, sofa chairs, and car upholstery furniture South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland and Hibiscus Coast. Be careful. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, call us right away!

By cleaning the mattress, you can prevent respiratory problems and other health-related issues that may result from poor bed mattress hygiene. Just anyone cleaning your mattress is insufficient in protecting your health.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Service in Auckland

Around 2 million dust mites live in a mattress, which feeds off dead skin cells. Their droppings can cause allergies such as asthma and eczema. It is essential to have these microscopic dust mites removed by cleaning with a steam extraction machine – the machine must be capable of reaching steam which Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services does.

You need regular professional mattress cleaning services performed by expert bed mattress cleaners. You will be able to maintain good health just by having your mattress cleaned. Let the professionals ensure that your bed mattress is dust and spore free. Thus, it will help you have an easy time breathing in the night and keep you free from regular hospital visits.

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Bugs and mites are irritating insects. These will easily find a new home in a dirty environment. Failure to have your mattress cleaned regularly means that you will quickly have a bug or mite attack on your bed mattress. In this way, you will be saving good money too. Regular bed mattress cleaning also lengthens the life of the mattress bed. You will not need to buy a new mattress, often causing a need for alarm in purchasing a new mattress frequently due to the fast wear of the bed.

With over 33 years of professional mattress cleaning experience, Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services is one of the most trusted names in the industry. To know more about how we can help you, contact us today.

Dust Mite & Allergen Removal 

Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services have been specialising in helping people with allergies since we started in 1987 and have appeared on radio and TV.

Dust mites feed on our dead flakes of skin and the warm, humid conditions we create in our beds, so there could be millions of dust mites allergens in your mattress and bedding. Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services never make a mattress over wet cleaned unless necessary. We never use stiff agitation, which can damage some beds and leave them with damage. Humid conditions can lead to a dramatic rise in the dust mite population. 

With our method, the mattress used straight away, and prices start from just $20 for a cot bed. Our dust mite and allergen cleaning process are capable of mattresses, duvets, pillows, furniture carpets, upholstery and curtains. And it is even effective against germs, pet allergens and other types of germ allergens such as mould and pollen.

Bed Bugs Control Service

Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services do not know precisely how harmful insecticides are to humans. Nevertheless, it would help if you had your home or office sprayed at least three times by your local exterminating service. After that, call us to remove the eggs altogether, do a deep cleaning, deodorisation, and sanitising on your mattress. It is also a MUST to have your bedding linen and comforters washed. The good thing is that Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services can do that as well. Once bed bugs invade your home, they are tough to kill. Bed bugs prefer warm areas such as beds. 

Or maybe it’s been in storage, or you have had building work, and it’s dusty, or someone else has been using the bed. Whatever the reason, this dry and organic process is ideal, and it can also b used on duvets, pillows, carpets, sofas, rugs, cushions, headboards and heavy curtains.

Allergy Relief Treatment

The Albemarle Fabric & Floor Care mattress cleaning process thoroughly clean your mattresses effectively and eliminate allergen problems. Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services is a multi-step process:

  • Vacuum the mattress on both sides to remove loose dirt and dust.
  • Pre-condition Mattress with Allergy Relief Pre-Treatment.
  • Steam clean the mattress on both sides.
  • Allergy Relief Treatment™, a hypoallergenic solution that effectively neutralises the allergens, is applied to all mattress surfaces using an excellent mist application.
  • A specialised air mover is used to speed the drying process.
  • Your mattress is returned to your bed, ready for a good night’s sleep.

After Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services is completed, please allow the mattress to dry before sleeping on it entirely. Thus, it should take up to 12 hours. Open a window to speed up drying time. Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Services also recommends that you clean the bedroom carpets, draperies, and any upholstered furniture pieces. The Allergy Relief Treatment can reduce levels of dust mite and pet allergens by 90% or more. You and your family will breathe easier.

5-Star Reviews

Best value Auckland Mattress cleaners service. Mention this and get at free disinfecting sanitisation treatment for good indoor health.

The Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Premium Truck-Mounted Machines uses 80 °C Hot Steam that kills and removes 99% of Coronaviruses, Dirt, Allergens, Bacteria, Dust mites, Germs, and 97% of stains, from upholstery furniture. Family-owned since 1987. These will reach out to the user of the mattress, thus giving restless sleep. The only way to keep these insects off is having our mattress cleaners in Auckland regularly clean your mattress to provide you with a hospitable place of residence. Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning service guarantee our superior clean upholstery furniture results with a 100%-satisfaction guarantee – the best in the business.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning, superior truck-mounted equipment services, removes more soil dirt viruses, germs and allergens, from the couch, sofa chairs, and car upholstery furniture South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland and Hibiscus Coast.


  • Allergic Relief
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Pet Odour Removal
  • Flea Control
  • Mould Clean
  • Pest Control
  • Repair Carpet Layers
  • Inside Car Upholstery Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaners
  • Couch Cleaners
  • Stain Removal
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Disinfecting Cleaners
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Wet Carpet Dryers

Bed Mattress Cleaning, Odour and Urine Stain Removal in Auckland

Whether it’s urine from a family member or a beloved but naughty pet, we will ensure your mattress treated thoroughly and professionally to sanitise it, deodorise it and if there is any mark to remove that too. For this, we use our unique 3-step process to ensure it’s treated more effectively than anyone else.

Have your mattress covers a looking as good as new. Steam ‘n’ Dry Mattress Cleaning Auckland Service will also ensure that all the odours eliminated from the bed mattress. The first action necessary is to remove any of the dust inside the mattress. That would have absorbed the urine and got contaminated. An odour comes from the trapped and infected dust inside the bed mattress, so this is the first step to deodorise it. Our machine also has a twin germicidal light on it, killing germs and starting the sanitising process.

After we have done this, we will clean the mattress’s surface using a powerful sanitiser and deodoriser and then another product specifically for urine to ensure that any remaining odour neutralised, making it almost 100% effective. We have some fantastic products developed for removing urine stains, sweat stains, blood stains and scuff marks. Make sure you contact us as soon as possible if there has been an accident on the mattress. Some types of materials time are of the essence.

Finally, we use a combination of products to remove any stain, and the sooner you call us round to remove the mark, the more likely it is to come out quickly. You will then be able to enjoy a sound sleep.


Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Owner  GRAEME STEPHENS wrote this article. An IICRC master restoration technician in 2001, with over 33 years of carpet and upholstery cleaning in Auckland services. 

PUBLISHED 01/06/20120. UPDATED 15/05/2021