Carpet Cleaning Methods

 Carpet Cleaning Methods Pros & Cons

Every homeowner knows how vital cleaning their carpets are. You’ve decided to have your carpets professionally cleaned. However, you have to choose between different method types of carpet cleaning. The answer will be determined by which aspects of each technique are most important to you.

The five carpet cleaning methods

  1. Shampooing
  2. Dry foam
  3. Bonnet (Dry Cleaning)
  4. Dry Powder
  5. Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)

To industry outsiders, carpet cleaning methods might sound like a straightforward process. The truth is, nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. There are multiple method ways to approach almost any proper cleaning task. In addition, Carpet cleaning methods are no exception to the rule.

If your research has left you confused, scratching your head and wondering, “what is the best commercial carpet cleaning method?” Then you’re not alone. It can be hard to take in the information to determine the best clear choice for your carpet. However, don’t worry Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning is here to help.

Steam Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot water steam extraction involves cleaning carpets in water. With only up to 50 Celsius steam. Carpet cleaners call this “steam cleaning” or hot water extraction ‘steam cleaning’. Thus, it is a misapplied term, for real steam is too dry and warm to clean carpet properly. 

In this method, the hot cleaning solution spraying under pressure onto the carpet and extracting with a vacuum source. The dirty solution goes into a recovery tank poured into the sanitary waste system. However, the hot steam water cleaning technique is inferior to steam cleaning in terms of what type of cleaning it can do. This cleaner method system’s advantage is that it can flush out large amounts of soil and contaminants in the carpet. 

It is the most preferred carpet cleaning method by all major fibre producers, such as; Dupont, Monsanto, Allied Signal, and the carpet manufacturers like Shaw, Mohawk, World, and Queen.

Truck-Mounted vs. Portable carpet cleaning methods

Equipment ranges from the baby machines that homeowners can rent to big. Also truck mounted machines. The latter is far more effective. Read below the unique set of pros and cons:

  • The long hoses that go from the truck to the operator. It means that you must leave doors or windows open. It also presents a tripping hazard.
  • Hoses could be too short of reaching, especially in large buildings or high rises.
  • Because the machinery mounted on a truck outside the building, there’s less noise indoors.
  • Unfortunately, the sound of the truck idling in the driveway or at the roadside can upset neighbours. In certain areas, it would be against municipal by-laws.
  • On the plus side of the equation, truck-mounted equipment is more efficient in terms of results and time needed for the cleaning process. The extra vacuum suction power helps carpets to dry out faster.
  • Carpet manufacturers prefer hot water steam clean extraction cleaning because of the deep-down dirt removal. Thus, it prevents particulate abrasion that causes wear.

Portable Steam Cleaners 

Professional portables. These machines are many times more powerful than residential units. The number and size of vacuum motors and pumps plus heat exchangers differentiate one from another in terms of performance. 

Residential/Rental. Also, these machines are excellent for spills and maintenance of lightly soiled traffic areas. But they lack the power needed to do the deep cleaning required to get out the grit that lies deep in your carpet pile. It is also used to maintain carpet manufacturer warranties.

The most powerful machines may have two power cords to enable household circuits to cope—an excellent job result with these units. If the operator has excellent training and takes his or her time, sometimes portables are the only way the carpets in some locations cleaned.

Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaners

Truck-mounted units. These machines have large independent engines or run off the motor of the cleaning van. Furthermore, they can develop up to 1000 PSI (though frequently carpet is cleaned at only 500 PSI ). They also heat the water to 180 or more degrees and have very powerful vacuums.

Also, truck-mount units use 80°C Hot Steam that kills viruses, dust mites, germs, and pathogens. Indeed, you can get the quality carpet cleaning Auckland Results, with the most significant performance truck mount equipment.

These machines are expensive. However, they can leave the carpets drier in many cases when used correctly. Typically, this type of hot water extraction machine should give improved results and decrease time on the job.

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Method

The over wetting, various cleaning methods were developed. Some of them aren’t strictly speaking 100% dry. Professional carpet cleaners would choose one of the following options. Therefore, the difference is that the solution is whipped into a foam. It is then applied right before the brushes instead of a liquid as in shampooing. Therefore, it does allow for faster drying times.

Dry Compound Carpet Cleaning Method

The compound isn’t altogether dry, but it dissolves and attracts grime. After it has been agitated into the carpet, cost-effective carpet cleaners Auckland, and get free disinfect sanitising service for good indoor health. Moreover, it is left to dry before being sucked away with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Although this system might sound straightforward, it has its own set of complications.

Encapsulation Dry Power Methods

Encapsulation uses detergent polymer chemistry to bind dirt to their molecules, forming tiny crystals. Early attempts at encapsulation formulations were problematic. With this method, a dry product, that been soaked with a solvent chemical) is broadcast over the area as cleaned. After, a solution brush or rotating brush is used to force the dry cleaning product to contact the soil. 

Once the carpet dries, which is surprisingly fast, thorough vacuuming must remove the solutions and loosened stains and soil. This steam method has the fastest drying times of all carpet cleaning methods and has the advantage of being able to be walked on almost immediately after cleaning. With carpets becoming rapidly re-soiled after cleaning because any residues left behind would continue to attract dirt.

Generally, this requires an additional day before vacuuming has recently become an accepted commercial and residential carpet maintenance method.

Shampoo Carpets

Shampooing uses a motorised circular brush in which foaming cleaning products are introduced to the surface of the carpet scrubbed into the carpet. This method has excellent agitation best suited for low pile commercial carpet or small cut pile carpet that is highly soiled.

Dry- Chem Bonnet

Using this type of system requires considerable skill. First, the operator applies a mist of detergent to the bonnet. In this type of carpet cleaning method sometimes referred to as ‘Dry Cleaning’, the cleaning solution (sometimes mixed with dry-chem carbonated water) is misted onto the carpet in the form of a spray—next, a circular rotating buffer with an absorbent pad attached over the carpet. The soil stains attach itself to the pad, and the padding changed with a clean one after becoming soiled dirty. Furthermore, this method has the advantage of drying fast because of the small amount of moisture used. Now, the bonnet, a type of round buffer pad, picks up the dirt. Cleaners must master several tricks.

Dry Foam Cleaning

Foam is never completely dry. This type of carpet cleaning is perfect for water-sensitive fabrics that can’t clean with hot water extraction. This method is very similar to shampooing carpets as it relies on the aggressive agitation of the brushing action, which is usually counter-rotating cylindrical brushes. Furthermore, Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning could say that they are “drier” instead. Once again, the proper cleaning machine for the job is a must. The foam is applied then immediately vacuumed out yet.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry uses carpet steam cleaning with the help of a truck-mounted unit. It lets of at least 80°C of steam for deep cleaning your carpet fibres.

At Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry, we believe that by hiring the right carpet steam cleaning company, you will be providing your family not only with a more clean environment but also healthier environment to live in.

Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can take care of your carpet, rug, mattress and upholstery cleaning needs as well as emergency carpet cleaning, flood removal, mould removal, insect control, flea control, and more.

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Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning, superior truck-mounted equipment services, removes more soil dirt viruses, germs and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, West Auckland.

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