Carpet Cleaning Faqs

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Standard carpet cleaning faqs asked here at Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service 1987:

carpet cleaning faqsHow To Use the New Carpet Warranty?

There are three key points to do to maintain your new carpet warranty:

1. Vacuum frequently

2. Clean spills promptly

3. Have periodic professional carpet cleanings

How Much Time Will It Take To Clean Carpet?

Generally, it will take approximately 20 minutes per room. This time can vary significantly considering the filthy of the carpet and any necessary spot removal treatments.

How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning?

There is no simple answer to this question. But on average, you are recommended to clean your carpet once per year professionally. Some situation calls for more frequent cleanings (kids, allergy, pets) – but this should be the minimum.

How Long Does It Take The Carpet To Dry After Cleaning?

Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service has two cleaning methods available:

1. Agitation with hot water extraction – Dries in 4-8 hours.

2. Encapsulation – Dries in 1-2 hours.

Does Water Damage My Carpet?

Water will damage the carpet only if extracted improperly. However, the method used by Auckland Carpet Cleaning removes 95% of the water with Auckland Carpet Cleaning industrial-strength vacuum. Also, it is the method most carpet manufacturers would suggest. As well as an expert training technician in Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

When you clean my carpet, does the underlay or subfloor get wet?

No. The Two-Step Cleaning system uses a powerful, deep-cleaning fibre rinse that extracts the rinse, the cleaning solution and the dirt in the same step. That makes carpets as clean as possible while your padding and subfloor dry.

How Much Time Will It Take For My Carpet To Dry?

Drying time is usually determined by humidity levels. As well as the airflow to the room(s) cleaned and the type of carpet. Generally speaking, turning on your air conditioning or heating system will help speed the process. Although it typically takes 2-24 hours for the carpet to dry, you may walk on it as soon as we have finished (removing street shoes first to avoid re-soiling).

Why is agitation with hot water extraction the method most carpet makers recommend?

1. Deep cleaning

2. Thorough extraction

3. Safe for most carpets

4. Reduces allergens and bacteria

5. Environmentally friendly

Does Cleaning My Carpet Make It Soil Faster?

The problem is from residues left in the carpet, thus attracting dirt. The modern method Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service rinse almost all cleaning agents out of the rug to not attract dirt.

How Often Should I Have My Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Get your carpet cleaned every 3 to 12 months on average. Thus, it can vary depending on how many Adults, Children and Pets live in your home. Steam ‘n’ Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service recommends cleaning your high-traffic areas every six months.

How Much Time Before My Children Or Pets Go On The Carpet?

The carpet may be worn with clean feet or indoor shoes immediately after cleaning. However, the Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning service recommends restricting activity on the carpet until it is dry.

Is It Right When You Clean A Carpet, It Gets Dirty Quicker?

Not with Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service Dual Cleaning system. The residue that gets left in the carpet from inferior cleaning processes is what causes rapid re-soiling. Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service uses hot water and advanced cleaning agents to loosen the soil. Then Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service removes the dirt and the cleaning solution with a clear water rinse and a powerful extractor, leaving your carpets soft and clean.

Will The Cleaning Solution Cause Harm To My Children Or Pets?

Auckland Carpet Cleaning’s basic cleaning solution is nearly the same as laundry detergent. Although it may be family and environmentally friendly, it is always good to restrict contact between the recently cleaned carpet and your children or pets.

Should I Wait As Long As Possible Before Cleaning My Carpet?

No. Dirt is an abrasive – like sandpaper. You grind dirt into your fibres when you step on the mat threads. Thus, it cuts your carpet, causing it to wear out faster.

However, the area rug can’t dry over the wet carpet. Take the area rug to a clean surface to dry.

Do You Have The Equipment For The Job?

Carpet Cleaning Faqs

You also need the best truck-mounted equipment with 35 years of experience and expertise in carpet cleaning faqs and specialists. Heavy-duty, modern steam cleaning equipment is expensive but requires knowledge. Thus, spending a fortune on a truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaner only to be unable to use it properly sounds like a nightmare!

What is Citrus Cleaning?

It’s a carpet cleaning process that uses solutions that are safe for the environment and, as a bonus, are safe for your family and pets.

What If The Stains Reappear?

Even though most spots removed from the carpet do not reappear, some substances in carpet backing may wick to the surface following cleaning. Should this happen, contact your local Auckland Carpet Cleaning at 376 7007 as soon as possible. Steam N Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service will be able to help you resolve this concern.

How Do You Guarantee Customer Satisfaction?

It can mean spot-cleaning on specific concerns or even wholly re-cleaning the areas under consideration.

How Often Should I Have My Upholstery Cleaned?

According to the Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service, you should not let your upholstery get dirty or stained to a noticeable or visible change in the fabric’s colour. Thus, most upholstery must be cleaned as a regular maintenance practice every 18 to 24 months or before soil builds up and stains the fabric.

What’s Your Professional Experience?

Indeed, Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service knows that dust, dirt, and grime build-up leads to infections, germs, infestations, and other health and environmental problems.

Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Firm estimate with no hidden charges
  • Convenient, on-time appointments
  • Specially trained technicians
  • We move most furniture
  • Stain Removal
  • Carpet Deodorant
  • A stain-resistant protective coating is available
  • Backed by Auckland Carpet Cleaning’s unique 100% satisfaction guarantee

 Steam n Dry Auckland Carpet Cleaning 1987, superior truck-mounted equipment services, removes more soil dirt viruses, germs and allergens in South Auckland, North Shore, East, and West Auckland.

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